Camp Kate Testimonials

“My favorite thing about Camp Kate (besides dancing with Miss Kate!) is meeting all the dancers that come from all over the world!”


“Camp Kate pushed me every day; it allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and explore new techniques.  I absolutely loved every day…I hope I can return for years to come!!!!”


“My daughter has attended Camp Kate for the past 3 years in the intermediate (8-12 year old) division.  Although it is only 3 days, I am always amazed at how much technique, choreography and conditioning can be packed into such a short period of time!  Kate is incredibly talented – there is such detail in her unique choreography, and she is also very nurturing and supportive of each dancer who attends.  Every year my daughter has left this intensive feeling challenged and inspired, and continues to work on what she has learned from Kate throughout the year.  I would definitely recommend Camp Kate to anyone who is able to attend!”


“My experience at Camp Kate was unlike any other camp/ convention I’ve ever been to! After the first day Kate knew almost everyone’s names, which really made everyone feel at home and comfortable at the studio. Kate and her assistants were very involved in making sure everyone had the best experience possible, and they did an amazing job!  I will definitely be making the return journey from Saskatchewan to Chicago for next years Camp Kate. “


“My favorite thing about Camp Kate is seeing all the wonderful dancers and learning a variety of different styles of dance.”


“My daughter’s first experience at Camp Kate built up her stage confidence tremendously.  Creating a dance and participating in the showcase surrounded by such exquisite talent was her favorite activity all summer!  She can’t wait to come back.”


Are YOU ready for Camp Kate this summer?

Camp Kate is an unparalleled dance event that unites artists from around the world.  Kate’s ability to encourage self-expression and confidence among all ages and levels makes this camp truly unforgettable.